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Suitable for anyone who need to outsource part of the marketing function. Looking for below:-
SEO full service
SEM management
– Social media content or ads managementWeb Analytics
– B2B Lead generation
– Website design and building

Suitable for anyone who need advices or consulting service on below:-
Digital strategy building
– Analytics for management
– Customise Google Data Studio
– Data tracking strategy
– MarTech engagement strategy

Suitable for anyone who need to trainer for below:-
– Digital marketing management
– Data literacy and decision-making
– SEM/SEO/Analytics and other performance marketing courses
– Customised dashboard with training

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Complete Guide for SEO Keyword Research (Using Ubersuggest, Google Keyword Planner and more)

Importance of finding relevant keywords for your website Finding relevant keywords for your website is important because it helps search engines understand the content and context of your pages. This, in turn, can help improve your search engine rankings and make it easier for people to find your site when they search for related terms….

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learning seo step by step

The Essential SEO Audit: A Step-By-Step Guide

Why Are SEO Audits Important? A website search engine optimization audit is an analysis of your website to identify any issues that may be hindering your website’s ability to rank well in Google(or other) search engine results pages (SERPs). A website SEO audit can also help you identify opportunities that appeared on your website. No…

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Learn SEO for Free – 5-Step Guide

This series of SEO blogs are dedicated to online business owners, SEO specialist, website owners, and content marketing personnel who want to learn SEO course. For many businesses, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a mystery. They know it is important to show up in search engine results, but they don’t know where to start or…

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robot pointing on a wall

Google MUM Update of SEO 2022 & MUM vs BERT

Last May, Google has rocked the world with the launch of key MUM Algorithm. Want to learn what’s exactly MUM is, what impacts are for your SEO and MUM vs BERT comparison, please read on. What is Google MUM exactly? The Google MUM (stands for Multitask Unified Model) , released in May 2021 during the…

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Google SEO 2021

Google pays a lot effort to deliver the most relevant results to end users, valuate quality content and penalise those who cheat. Search engine optimisation is more than technical projects.  With the ever-changing ranking algorithm, the success of SEO projects rely on a team effort to build keyword-rich content to engage people in social media….

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