Corporate Training for Digital Marketing

We offers data-driven trainings for marketing management and team enablement of all sizes of companies.   Check the following training topics which cover all kind of needs for digital transformation.

Digital Marketing Corporate Training

We offers data-driven trainings for team enablement of all sizes of companies.   Check the following training topics which cover all kind of needs for digital transformation.

Professional Trainings from Topic Experts

All courses are designed and delivered by our experienced topic experts to train with real-world knowledge.

Suitable for Team with Less Experience

Choose either model to transform your team and business digitally. We could tailor our course for different type of audience.

Solid Case Studies by 20+ Yrs Experience

Our trainers have rich experience in their own domain, so that all successful case studies shared are practical and valuable.

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For Management

Suitable for management team to learn data literacy and formulate sound digital strategy. In this courses, you will learn all necessary knowledge to data analytics, setup proper KPI and provided dashboard tools to kick start the process.

For Growth Team

Suitable for new hirings or team. Learn and utilise the new skills and combine the real work cases to practice. Build a team that could seize every opportunity arisen.

Data Literacy for Management

Meet with the latest challenge of marketing management which management team finds it difficult to translate your digital marketing effort into business value.

Digital Strategy

Introducing our 3×3 digital framework, which is developed by our senior consultant and founder, River Ho. We will deliver digital-driven strategy for any product or services for improving customer engagement, media planning capability, creative strategy and more.

Google Dashboard

Understand user journey and monitor all KPI in few page. Above all, you can be on top of your health of your latest campaign. Apart from providing the tool, we will also provide onboarding training to make sure your management team understand all metrics’ meaning.

Data-led Decision Making

In this training, you will learn about how you plan, setup, analyse and report on analytics tools for discovering useful data insights and turn into data-led decision making process for your business. It’s vital part for digital transformation.

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Optimisation for Growth Team

Understand that other digital marketing courses are talking about too much basic and how-to, yet not many training courses are focusing in everyday challenges while you optimise for results. No worry, I hear you well. See following to find one suit your case.

GA4 Adaptation

Designed for enabling your team to transit from Universal Google Analytics to GA4 smoothly. In this course, we cover UA->GA4 feature mapping, visual-aid workshop to play around the changes, providing tools to let you overcome the fear and succeed in a shortest time.

Growth Marketing Essentials

Backed by 10+ years experience for e-commercce or non-e-commerce projects’ experience, we are proudly offering the best-in-class performance marketing techniques that equip your growth team to kick-start SEO, SEM, CRO, landing page funnel A/B testing..etc. In this course, we will focus on optimisation instead of basic knowledge.

SEO Course for Teams

In this training, you will learn about how you plan, setup, deploy and measure SEO campaign. We will breakout management track and technical track. The goal is to orchestra both side of knowledge and become one common goal: how to grow the business. You can opt for either one track if you have an existing SEO agency but find it difficult to work with.