How to Learn SEO for Free in 2022: Step-by-Step Guide

You can learn to do Search Engine Optimisation, or Google SEO, for free. All you need are rich resources written or created by experts in the field or from official documentation. This guide is to introduce the

Step 1: Set You SEO Goal and Gather Your Resources

SEO goal is usually set to grow your business presence online through search engines, and the incentive for doing SEO is to gain free and sustainable web traffic to your website.

The key to success is how you identify those interested searchers are your potential customers and your message are relevant to their needs. So, all the moving parts of your website should be well optimised for this objective.

Before you begin, you should consider the right resources aligned first. Here’s list of resource start:

  • Human resources: digital marketing specialist, web developer and content writer.
  • Learn SEO from scratch:- official SEO guide from Google
  • Other free SEO guide

Step 2: Providing Good User Experience of Your Website

Search engines are built to fulfil user’s search query with satisfaction. Google has introduced the core web vital metrics which could quantify the user experience measurement in technical mean. Core Web Vital has become a standard and officially included in Google’s ranking algorithm as part of the ranking factors.

Step 3: Onpage and Offpage SEO Are Equally Important

Every article you publish should have keywords, a compelling title, and high-quality content to succeed at on-page SEO. In order to do this, you need to incorporate keywords into your pages and content, write well-written content consistently, and make sure your meta tags and titles are keyword rich.

Offpage SEO is the part of the equation that occurs off your website, such as earning backlinks. This involves building relationships and creating content people want to share. Despite all the legwork required, it’s an important ingredient towards SEO success.

Now, it’s time to dive into all the learning from Google official guide first. You may also any of many more good SEO learning guides in

Of course, you can always watch EMMAREL’s project progress. We aim to deliver fast e-learning with visuals and tools assisted. You can route here to start the quick e-learning from here.

Bonus: Best Practice Keyword Research (2022 Updated)

It’s been a long while that Keyword Planner of Google Ads is the best choice to start, given you don’t have any problem to sign up with Google Ads. However, the key issue of using this tool is giving you paid-ads-bias results, which neglects the detail and related long-tail keywords that might help you to target precisely.

I recommend you to start from searching Google as the starting point of any keyword research. In the search result pages, there is huge amount of information that you can’t ignore. The latest Google MUM update (follow the link to understand about the change) has already introduced to the market and it emphasises the importance of finding answers of single topic, rather than just single keyword.