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歡迎使用我們的Google Ads廣告效果審計服務,我們精心設計的流程可助您了解帳戶的數據洞察,從而通過 Google Ads 提高銷售額。

適合對象:正在利用Google Ads打搜尋廣告的用戶

Free vs Premium: Google Ads Audit 廣告效果審計涵蓋有關您現有 Google Ads 帳戶的所有必要數據。Free免費基本報告將顯示您的支出趨勢、診斷廣告系列、廣告組和關鍵字的關鍵指標,最重要的是了解指標背後的含義。Premium服務會加入數據分析,而且我們的會加入專家點評,讓您更能掌握全盤優化計劃。請放大下圖比較服務內容?

Inspect your account with our well-crafted process.  Join our free audit to surface your account’s data insights and drive more sales with Google Ads.

Suitable for:  All existing Google Ads advertisers
Why:  If you struggle to convert customers through Google Ads, or you don’t know what to do next, it’s time to try our latest audit service premium.

Free vs Premium: Google Ads Audit covers the all necessary data about your existing Google Ads account.  The free report will show your spending trend, diagnose the key metrics across campaign, ad group and keywords, and most importantly, you will know what it means behind the metrics.  Our premium package will include our in-depth analysis on keyword, match type and more.  Please follow the table above to see the difference.


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